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Summer Camp 2024

Summer Camp 11 March - 26 April 2024

The Learning Center by Carroll Prep, located in Bangkok, organizes an annual summer camp during the term break to support working parents, enabling them to work comfortably. Each week, participants can enjoy a different theme, filled with activities, fresh fruits, well-rounded meals, safety, and close supervision—all without screens.

Camp Period: March 11th – April 26th, 2567 Every Monday to Friday, from 09:00 AM to 03:00 PM (students can be picked up until 04:00 PM). After School Program: 04:00 PM – 06:00 PM (English, Chinese, Spanish, Thai).

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Class schedule / weekly activities
Explore marine life and ocean wonders through fun activities and crafts.
6 years old and above:
  • Ocean Current Experiment
  • Identifying the 5 Oceans on a world map
  • Creating an underwater adventure story booklet
3-5 years old:
  • Learning about animals in the ocean
  • Exploring the characteristics of ocean animals
  • Engaging in sensory water play
  • Participating in a seashell hunt in the sand pit
  • Enjoying art and craft activities

Dive into the enchanting world of plants, small insects, and butterflies with garden-inspired activities. – Dive into the world of classic fairy tales with storytelling, crafts, and role-playing.

All Ages:

  • Observing the life cycles of ants and butterflies (raising them in the classroom!)

3-5 years old:

  • Listening to stories and practicing story sequencing
  • Engaging in roleplay based on famous magical stories
  • Art and craft activities for roleplay

6 years old and above:

  • Creating a creative story about magic, fairies, dragons, etc.
  • Naming the story
  • Developing characters
  • Setting scenes
  • Writing scripts
  • Participating in roleplay based on the created story
  • Art and craft activities for their own roleplay

– Blast off into space and learn about the solar system. 

– Engage in a variety of sports and team-building activities for a lively and active summer camp.

For 3-5-year-olds: Explore the wonders of Earth’s land, water, and sky, and gaze at twinkling stars in the night sky. Each day promises a blend of exploration and creativity.

For 6-9-year-olds: Dive into rocket launching experiments, delve into planetary knowledge through games, and unravel basic astronomy concepts through interactive activities.

– Highlight about Geography
– Problem-solving skills, teamwork, critical thinking, and attention to detail

– Students can become young detectives and learn about geography and international culture.

Both Age Groups:

Geo-Treasure Hunt: Design treasure maps and clues for a thrilling treasure hunt, integrating geography concepts.

(3-5 Years Old): Engaging storytelling sessions introducing basic geography concepts.

Playful games to learn about continents and simple mapping activities.
Collaborative “World Map” mural project, promoting teamwork.

Geography Expedition (6-9 Years Old):

In-depth exploration of diverse cultures, landscapes, and landmarks worldwide.

Virtual “visits” to different countries using interactive technology.

“Around the World Journal” ongoing project, documenting daily discoveries.

– Highlight about Songkran festival.  Invite a local historian or scientist to talk to the kids about the Songkran festival.

  • 3-5-year-olds:
  • Time-Hopping Adventures:
  • Experience Sonkran Festival traditions through playful water activities.
  • Engage in storytelling sessions about the festival’s cultural significance.
  • Basic history lessons highlighting key moments in Sonkran’s evolution.
  • 6-8-year-olds:
  • Historical Exploration:
  • Dive into Sonkran Festival’s past, understanding its historical roots.
  • Participate in age-appropriate activities showcasing the festival’s cultural aspects.
  • Incorporate basic history lessons to foster a deeper appreciation for time travel and cultural heritage

– Creating care packages for a local charity, organizing a community clean-up, conducting a fundraising event for a cause, and participating in team-building exercises that emphasize collaboration and support for one another.

– Let the little builders explore the world of construction with hands-on building projects.

3-5 Year Olds:

Engaging art projects for emotional expression.
Storytelling to identify and understand different feelings.
Role-playing scenarios to develop empathy.
Group activities promoting sharing and collaboration.
Petting zoo experience for gentle interaction with animals.
Storytime with animal characters emphasizing kindness.

6-9 Year Olds:

Engage in reflective discussions about complex emotions and how to navigate them.

Utilize storytelling to explore diverse perspectives and understanding others’ feelings.

Interactive role-playing scenarios that delve deeper into empathy-building experiences.

Collaborative projects where kids work together to create something for the community

Encourage the planning and execution of a small community service project, such as a neighborhood clean-up or creating care packages for those in need.

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Call. 02-954-2168 ,  063-807-9042


Location: The Learning Center บองมาร์เช่ ชั้น 3 อาคาร B ห้อง B303/2 ลาดยาว จตุจักร กทม

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